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Heyo - despite the fact I haven't posted anything since my little random character, I actually have been drawing quiet a bit! Just not sharing... Haha, there will be a dump soonish. 

But, actually I have probably an odd request. Please help me out picking out a reference image. I've decide to take a community art class specializing in photorealism and have been trying to narrow down the right image to work from. I've decided I DON'T want to do a horse, just to shake things up a bit. 

So, instead I'm leaning on doing a portrait and lately I've been infatuated with the band Big Bang and two of their members - Jiyong and Choi Seung Hyun are stunning so I'm thinking of using one of them. But, now which one! There's so many purty pictures of them... (note, I'm not worried about copyright infringement since I'm strictly using the images for personal use - In case anyone red flagged)

I think I've narrowed it down to 3 pictures - mind helping me out get it down to one? Thanks! 

So, here are the photos:

 Top-2 by Jag6201
Photo 1 - This is the ugh so beautiful Choi Seung Hyun (aka T.O.P if you've never heard of him). This picture is actually what first grabbed my attention to use these guys as a reference - the light play on his eyelashes (and subsequent shadow) and subtle contours in his jaw and neck really make my fingers twitch wanting to try to recreate them. I have altered the photo a bit compositionally and added a more defined smoke trail and in the drawing would omit the hard background line for a smooth gradient. The only thing I'm worried about is it being too flat. The photo obviously was taken with a strong flash that might transfer weird in a drawing...

OM4Uk-2 by Jag6201  
Photo 2 - Again, the handsome Seung Hyun... This one is more a straight up beauty portrait. I love the motion in his hair and the texture of the jacket though that makes his features seem so simple. The only thing I worry about is the overall softness of the image - I tend to work hyper-realistically and DOF is a challenge for me to work - however, that makes me almost want to take it on for the challenge. 

Gdragon-complex-2 by Jag6201
Photo 3 - And lastly, the main man - Jiyong (aka G Dragon). This photo is just SCREAMING to be drawn. So many textures, that hand (I don't think you guys know it because I don't post much of my traditional non-horse related stuff, but I LOVE to draw hands and feet oddly enough), and the fun highlighting in his eyes. It's like a party packed in every single inch of this photo which makes it look like the funnest thing ever and also the work thing ever to try and draw. I would be worried about it being TOO much for the class and I'm pretty much positive that if I don't finish this during the class it'll end up never getting finished. But I'm so inspired by this photo... Ugh.

If you lovelies would take 2 seconds and just comment which picture (1,2, or 3) you're personally "attracted" to and if you have time why, it would be awesome. I'm got to get something narrowed down by Monday!!

Thank you!!!


Colored Sketchs
Maaras Nara by Jag6201
Maara Request by Jag6201
Helsinge Request by Jag6201
Single subject, sketch and loose colored. No backgrounds. 

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